13-17 febr 2023: Las Negras songwriters retreat with Adrian Snell, Philippa Hanna and Henk Pool

“Take your songwriting to a new level.”

Songwriting is a skill that for most people requires maintenance and creative input.
Whether you are just starting out writing songs or are more experienced; the craft always benefits when it receives the attention it deserves. Songwriters are always looking for inspiration. They seek to not only be inspired themselves, but then write the songs that spark inspiration in others. You may be starting out as a writer, trying to learn from your peers, you may have had your first works already published or you may already have plenty of experience as a published songwriter. Whatever the case: the Las Negras Song writing retreat is for you! This retreat at the Mediterranean paradise that is Las Negras aims at writers new and experienced – and who are looking ahead!

Las Negras:

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