The Creative Village (About)

The Creative Village gathers Christian songwriters worldwide into a unique environment to refresh, recharge and find new inspiration. The Creative Village is where new friendships are formed and unique collaborations are born. To dig deeper for your craft, get new inspiration & take a step towards the next level. The Creative Village is a hub to learn from and connect with each other. We believe both art and other vehicles for a message thrive in these places.

The Creative Village is committed to bringing (song)writers together in inspiring surroundings and provide a cultivating space for different approaches to life. Both the spiritual, which is often hard to grasp, and everyday life which presents a challenge in translating it to art. By taking the Christian faith as a jumping off point and approaching the world at large with an open mind, The Creative Village helps participants to reach a higher level of quality in their craft and coaches them towards a broader vision of the Church worldwide and the content of their music.

The staff of the Creative Village has a professional background and an accumulated wealth of experience that is intended to help songwriters progress. You may be at the start of your journey as a writer, or you may have already taken the first steps in your career and have had songs released. You may be an experienced writer. Whatever the case: our staff is here to help you take the next steps and create an environment where you can get fresh inspiration and a bigger skillset for your craft. We are here to help you develop your talent.

Wherever you are in your songwriting journey, feel free to contact us to see how Las Negras can help you further!