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You will receive the invoice for the pre-payment of €125,- in a separate email. You will receive an invoice for the rest payment of €1025,- 2 months before the Songwriters Retreat. By signing this registration you agree to the following conditions:
  • Your booking is definite after receiving your pre-payment. You are responsible for arranging your cancellation- and travel insurance.
  • We are not responsible for circumstances beyond our control. But we do offer a voucher for 100% of the total amount if the Songwriters Retreat is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. pandemic).
  • We are not responsible for any damage and/or injury during our program and your stay. All activities are at your own risk.

Introducing The Creative Village Demo Drop

Are you an aspiring songwriter, looking for feedback to get your songwriting skills to the next level?

The Creative Village, host to the Las Negras Songwriters Retreat, is organizing a demo drop to help you out!

- submit your music
- join the livestream
- get feedback froim participating coaches

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